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Hello, I’m Jonathan Kutner, licensed by the State of Texas to help you reduce your residential and commercial property taxes.  I’ll show you your neighbors’ savings and how you can save too. I’ll even show you information about your own property that you may not have known.

We’ll represent you for 1% of the Market Value reduction we obtain for you (or 0.75% if you’re over 65).  If there’s no reduction, there’s no fee.

For example, if we reduce your market value from $525,375 to $475,375 we will invoice $500, which is 1% of the $50,000 reduction.

And you can earn FREE representation through our Referrals Program.

To sign up, simply return these two Documents. Send no money.

We’ll acknowledge receipt by email and enroll you in our Rewards Program. For every referral who signs up we’ll credit 10% to your invoice.   Refer ten yours is FREE.